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How Do You Measure Your Time, Knowledge And Resources?

At American Unit, we help you quantify all your intangible assets.

Fundamentally, Professional Services Businesses are built on time, talent and how well you manage both. You must manage time by project forecasting, budgeting resources, and accurately billing. You must manage talent by allocating resources, retaining knowledgeable consultants, and building new global skills.

To sell talent and time you must quantify and qualify the intangible.

In an industry where new competitors are surfacing daily and clients are demanding a greater range of services with accelerated timelines at a bargain price, effectively managing your resources and customers expectations can be overwhelming and exhausting.

There is a silver lining. With an integrated Professional Services software solution from American Unit it's time to rethink how your agency handles:

  • Project Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Time Tracking
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Expense Management
  • Customer Interactions

  • American Unit's automated software solutions integrate your human, intellectual and financial capital across your organization, saving you time and resources while providing you that competitive advantage you've been looking for.

    Rethink your options to win the right business, retain key talent and build more complex global projects.

    By rethinking your options, you can increase your profitability, lower your costs and keep your projects on time and on budget. This allows you to focus on the key component of your business - your customers.

    A Professional Services Software Solution from American Unit offers:

  • Improved Project Service Life Cycles - By automating core business processes and synergizing project planning, scheduling and invoicing you can shorten your project service life cycle while delivering the same great service in a portion of the time.
  • Minimized Revenue Leakage - Applying automated software takes out the potential for human error and provides accurate accounting for billable time, chargeback, and material usage - eliminating lost paperwork and wasted inputting time giving you back the revenue you earned and deserve.
  • Reduced Billing Cycle Times - By accurately forecasting expenses, resources and project timelines you increase customer satisfaction and decrease invoicing processes, providing you billing efficiency and reducing your costs.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration - Utilizing web-based time tracking and communications portals help your project managers appropriately apply their resources from around the world and across your company, keeping your teams on time and on track.
  • Performance Data Integration - By getting your performance data out of silos and into a single solution you can analyze, present and report data for a holistic view of your entire organization without fragmentation.

  • We've helped these Professional Service Businesses and more:

    Streamline your operations with American Unit to improve the quality of your customer interactions and enhance your project successes.

    At American Unit, we offer a hybrid delivery model that combines powerful expertise with an in-house team of skilled technical resources. This enables us to provide you with high value solutions at a cost our competitors cannot match. American Unit has been honored time and time again for their leadership in the IT industry by such distinguished companies as Deloitte Technology and the Tech Titans. Rethink the options for your business, and choose American Unit.

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