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Software Can Help or Hinder Your Logistics

A large part of keeping your customers satisfied is delivering the orders they expect, on time. Doing this requires accessing accurate, real-time data so that you can anticipate and act on daily demands rather than react as they happen. Is your logistics automation software helping or hindering you?

Lacking current information can lead to unnecessary delays and bottlenecks in the production process, and ultimately, unmet delivery deadlines. In today's competitive market, these errors can cost your organization customers.

Using inefficient logistics automation software, you can't deliver the caliber of service your customers expect, negatively impacting your bottom line.

Get the Perspective You Need

A Logistics Automation Solution from American Unit will provide you with a comprehensive view of your entire logistics process. Optimize how you plan, manage and control the flow and storage of goods, services and related information up until delivery.

American Unit provides a variety of Logistics Automation Solutions that will easily integrate with your existing software or legacy warehouse management system, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel or learn an entirely new system.

Solutions that Deliver Success

A Logistics Automation Solution from American Unit will optimize:

Warehouse Management

  • Create and maintain more accurate bills of materials with a real-time, 360-degree view of inventory.
  • Accurately forecast demand so that you can source and order materials accordingly, reducing unused stock and capital.
  • Reduce the potential for errors in the production process and the opportunity for unnecessary delays.

Performance Management

  • Access precise, to-the-moment analyses and reports in order to monitor and make adjustments across the production chain.
  • Eliminate inefficiency and decrease lead-times with increased project visibility and integrated records from plan through distribution.
  • Anticipate and proactively handle challenges instead of reacting to them as they happen.

Distribution Management

  • Accurately forecast delivery dates and meet client commitments.
  • Streamline sourcing and procurement of transportation for deliveries.
  • Track shipping, delivery and post-sales, ensuring consistent service to your customers.

At American Unit, we offer a hybrid delivery model that combines powerful expertise with an in-house team of skilled technical resources, providing you with high-value solutions at a cost our competitors cannot match.

American Unit has been honored time and again for our leadership in the IT industry by such distinguished organizations as Deloitte and Inc. Magazine. We provide our services across the United States from offices in California, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas.

Isn't it time to rethink your logistics software and work with a company who knows your challenges and specializes in Logistics Management Software?

American Unit has offices across the country in Texas, Illinois, California and New Jersey.