Integrated workplace management system

AU IWMS Mobile app

AU IWMS Mobile provides a set of resources for building and deploying mobile apps that integrate with AU IWMS. These apps extend the scope of your enterprise system by providing mobile users with protected access to data and services 'any time' and 'anywhere'.

AU IWMS mobile apps run on the Android operating system, on the iOS operating system based on a hybrid application model that combines the benefits of web and native app capabilities. Because the apps are configurable, you can control certain aspects of performance and access to data and app capabilities.

AU IWMS Anywhere Workplace Operations includes one mobile app, AU IWMS Anywhere Work Task Management. This app integrates with service providers in IBM TRIRIGA, enabling mobile workers to create, access, and update work tasks.

Service technicians and supporting staff members have access to the work task data that is most relevant to completing their work. Users can review task details such as priority, assets, locations, procedures, and assigned people, and can record the actual time that is spent. Users can also view maps of work locations and upload photos to work tasks. If technicians notice more work that needs to be done, they can create work tasks by using the mobile app. Those new tasks are uploaded to the AU IWMS system when the mobile devices are connected to the network.

Technicians in the field can use Services to:

  • Assign, sort, and receive new work orders and information updates
  • Floor plans and prior work requests
  • Create work orders using a chat bot
  • Locate Building and provide accurate position of building on map
  • Real-Time, Flexible Problem Solving
  • Better Customer Service
  • Easy Inventory Management
  • Access to Customer History
  • Immediate Data Entry
  • Empowered by Technology

The Best Mobile App for Time Entries for In-Field Technicians

Mobile based applications have transformed the way we look at managing efficiency and increasing productivity. With digital workplace being the buzzword today, Real Estate and Facility Management leaders are under increasing pressure to ensure that the IT framework of the organization supports a flexible and mobile work environment either by aligning or integrating separate IT and RE/FM infrastructures. Unfortunately, most of the available RE/FM mobile applications are limited either by their technology platform, cost or more importantly, enterprise long term support.

While IBM TRIRIGA handles time tracking, Services iMobile! extends that function onto your team’s mobile devices, making accounting for job time far simpler. How do you want time broken out? Do you want to account for time in transit separately from time on the job site? Do different facilities need to have their hours separated? As with all iMobile! mobile app functionality, the timekeeping element is user-defined, so that you can add category designations that are unique to your company. The timekeeping function is also intuitive: Technicians start a timer, which brings up categories that may be updated or changed as needed.

Services iMobile! features:

  • Voice-to-text: Use both hands to work while making notes
  • Online/offline modes: Sync instantly while in cell range, or work offline and sync later
  • Photo documentation: Take pictures to record component conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration: Navigate to job sites in order, based on priorities you set