Records Management


System used by Records management team to maintain the hard copies of all kinds of paperwork such as legal, corporate, HR etc. by various departments of the Company. Multiple Third-party vendors maintain the physical storage of these hard copies in their storage units. Reasons to maintain these mainly are legal, corporate policy and Government regulations. IRecords keeps track of all the paperwork stored at vendor locations, as well as the actual transfer of the paperwork form company's location to Vendor storage location, search on the paperwork and actual destruction of the paperwork after a defined retention period.


Barcode Printing

Bulk Import


User and Admin Roles

Implented in Tririga

Salient Features

  • Creation of Cartons (grouping of paperwork)
  • Search functionality based on Organization, Person, barcode (Unique Identifier for carton), Retention policy, Description etc.
  • Transferring of responsibility of cartons one to person to other
  • Bulk Import of Carton provided by vendors via TRIRIGA IO
  • Updating of Retention period on cartons
  • Approval Process of approving the created cartons for pickup, destruction
  • Printing of Barcode
  • Reports based on Organization, Vendor, Person associated etc


  • No new licenses or software required, existing license of IBM TRIRIGA good enough
  • IBM SAAS solution with the up to date industry standards on security and software
  • Since SAS, vulnerability resolution covered under general License
  • Existing TRIRIGA support team can support the module to maintain and fix bugs and the support team can be extended to do enhancements
  • New features will be available as and when IBM upgrades the TRIRIGA software
  • IBM reporting, BIRT reporting can be used to provide enhanced reporting capability.
  • Organizational hierarchy, Vendor Management and User access and authorization, approval can be carried out via in-built TRIRIGA solutions.