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Inspection Management and Quality Control

One Source, Many Solutions

Keep your shop floor humming within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Using historical data and sampling algorithms, your inspectors will reduce sampling time, automate rejection returns and make vendor selection a simpler, more accurate task.

Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inspection Management & Quality Control™, your shop floor inspectors can specify a variety of parameters for each individual item. From physical measurements to testing results to anything in between, anything that should be inspected will be inspected and recorded appropriately. By applying sampling techniques and skip logic rules, the inspection process can be sped up to achieve a much more efficient flow of materials while still increasing the overall quality of raw materials used.

With Inspection Management & Quality Control™ from American Unit You Will:

  • Accurate inventory listing with individual item inspection information
  • Uses sampling and skip logic rules to reduce sampling time
  • Automatically routes rejected items back to the vendor
  • Uses historical vendor quality data to select appropriate supplier for specific items
  • Reduces shop floor scrap

For a complete list of features, download our Inspection Management & Quality Control™ Sales Sheet.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inspection Management & Quality Control™ streamlines the inspection of vendor samples and the selection of suppliers for new parts or renewed inventory. Prior to sending a full lot, vendor-provided samples are inspected according to determined parameters. If the samples fail inspection, the skip logic rule bypasses the entire lot, which will then need to be inspected separately.

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